Utility Layers

class HDF5OutputLayer

Take some blobs in the network and write the blob contents to a HDF5 file. Note the target HDF5 file will be overwritten when the network is first constructed, but later iterations will append data for each mini-batch. This is useful for storing the final predictions or the intermediate representations (feature extraction) of a network.


The path to the target HDF5 file.


Default false. When the layer tries to create the target HDF5 file, if this attribute is enabled, it will overwrite any existing file (with a warning printed). Otherwise, it will raise an exception and refuse to overwrite the existing file.


A list of names of the blobs in the network to store.


Default []. Should either be empty or a list of Symbol of the same length as bottoms. Each blob will be stored as an HDF5 dataset in the target HDF5 file. If this attribute is given, the corresponding symbol in this list is used as the dataset name instead of the original blob’s name.