Data Transformers

Data transformers apply transformations to data. Note that the transformations are limited to simple, in-place operations that do not change the shape of the data. If more complicated transformations like random projection or feature mapping are needed, consider using a data transformation layer instead.

class DataTransformers.SubMean

Subtract mean from the data. The transformer does not have enough information to compute the data mean, thus the mean should be computed in advance.


Default NullBlob(). A blob containing the mean.


Default "". When mean_blob is a NullBlob, this can be used to specify a HDF5 file containing the mean. The mean should be stored with the name mean in the HDF5 file.

class DataTransformers.Scale

Perform elementwise scaling of the data. This is useful, for example, when you want to scale the data to, say, the range [0,1].


Default 1.0. The scaling factor to apply.